Bill Turechek

Honorary membership was awarded to Bill Turechek for his service to the club.  Bill served as Secretary of the OBG for eight seasons from the Summer of 2004 until the Spring of 2006.  Bill then served as Vice-President of the OBG for seven seasons from the Summer of 2006 until the Winter of 2007.  Bill then served as the President of the OBG for the Spring of 2008 when he moved away from The Villages.  Bill is responsible for automating the scoring of the OBG matches.  Bill wrote the program that keeps the scores.  When Bill became Secretary all the results were hand written on the bulletin board by the captains of the teams.  The sheets were messy and subject to becoming ripped and lost.  Bill automated the scorekeeping and has done the scorekeeping since he became a member.  Bill also introduced the characteristic red OBG shirts along with the logo to the league.  The shirts have become a distinctive part of the OBG.  The club slogan, "Fun and Fair Play" was also introduced by Bill.  Bill started the OBG website and is the current webmaster of the site.  Bill became Treasurer of the club when he returned to the Villages and currently is the President of the OBG.

Outside the OBG, Bill is the founder and first President of The Villages Mustang Club.  Bill served as President of that club until he moved from the Villages in 2008.  When Bill returned to The Villages he again became a member of the club.  Bill is still a member of the Mustang Club and is the currrent President of the club.

Along with Don Feeney Bill founded The Villages Billiard Club and served as the first Vice-President of that club.  Bill also served for two years as the President of The Villages Billiard Club until moving from the Villages in 2008.  Bill wrote the original bylaws of that club and is an Honorary lifetime member of that club along with Don Feeney. 

Bill is also one of the founders and first Commisioner of The Central Florida softball league.  Bill served as Commisioner of that league until he moved away from The Villages in 2008.  Bill also served as a board member of the Neighborhood Softball League. 

Along with Gene Bourgeois, Bill founded The Villages BCA Pool League.  Bill served as the first Vice-President of that league and did all the score keeping for that league until moving away from the Villages.  When Bill returned to The Villages in 2009, Bill became the League Operator for that league.  Bill is currently the League Operator for The Villages BCA Pool League which plays Thursday evening in 5 recreation centers.

Bill is also the Director of Sport for the billiard events of the Florida State Senior Games.  Bill was instrumental in getting billiards added to the Senior Games and was asked by the Florida Sports Foundation to be the initial Director of Sport for the Billiard events when Billiards was first added to the State Senior Games.  Bill has served in that capacity since the introduction of billiards to the Senior Games and still holds that position.