Billiard Club Code of Conduct

  1. If the game being played is a call-shot game the shooter need not call a shot if the ball and pocket are obvious.   If the shot is not obvious the shooter should indicate both the ball and the pocket.   Bank shots and kick shots are not considered to be obvious.  The opponent may ask the shooter what ball and pocket are being called if it is not obvious.   The opponent should not attempt to do this in order to “shark” the shooter if the shot is obvious.
  2. The game of pocket billiards as played in an event sponsored by the Villages Billiard Club is to be conducted in a sportsman like manner. If the shooter commits a foul, the shooter should inform the opponent that he has ball-in-hand.
  3. During play if either player feels that a shot may not result in a legal hit the player may ask to have a referee or impartial observer watch the shot.
  4.  If a referee is present, or if an observer is called to watch a shot, the judgment of the referee or observer is final and cannot be questioned. Either player can question the interpretation of a rule, but not a judgment call.
  5. When a player is not at the table the player should be as unobtrusive as possible. The player that is not shooting should not stand in the line of the shooter or make noise that may distract the shooter. Respect your opponent and the game.
  6. A player should not attempt to “shark” an opponent in any manner. For example, when a shooter misses a shot he should not say that he has just left the opponent with an easy shot.
  7. A player shall not disassemble his cue stick or in any manner give the shooter the impression that he is conceding the game. If a player begins to take his cue stick apart in front of the player at the table it is considered to be a concession of the game.