Ted Soper

Ted Soper became President of the OBG in 2004.  There were only 14 teams when Ted became President.  Ted started the program of two parties a year with a buffet including beer, wine, and door prizes.  The first parties were held outside on Silverlake patio.  Ted initiated an agreement with Dick Johnson such that Dick became a vendor and sponsor for OBG; Dick donated 2 cues for each party we had every year.  Ted put the rules of the OBG in writing for the first time.  November 2004, Bill Turechek was made Secretary a new title for the club.  He was a perfect fit to the club with his computer skills.  Late 2006 Joe Rogereo resigned as Vice President and Ted appointed Bill Turechek to the vacant position of Vice President.  The first OBG shirts were designed by Bill and Ted picking the color red or green. The emblem was also designed by both of Ted and Bill.  Bill Turechek, refined the rules for the club, with Ted’s approval.  Under Ted’s leadership the OBG became the largest billiard league in The Villages, with 44 teams, which was accomplished by splitting into 2 sessions AM & PM.  Bill Turechek played a very important part while Ted was President, like developing the 1st website for OBG , setting standardized rules for the club using BCA rules as the base and getting a chart with 8 ball & 9 ball rules which still hang on the column in Silverlake and other Recreation centers.

As the OBG Mens Billiard Club grew there was another billiard club with a dozen players from one Village that had the AM time slot at Silverlake.  Ted and Bill worked many hours to have that organization relocated to a recreation center in their own Village because the OBG had grown so rapidly.   Ted and Bill finally got Silverlake from 7 AM to 6 PM on Wednesdays. Ted established the schedule of four 12-week sessions per year.  Before Ted was President the sessions lasted 24 weeks and both sessions had problems dealing with snowbirds either leaving or arriving.

Ted established new rules for substitutes and coaching.  Ted credits Bill Turechek was being very helpful with many of these changes, and being a great PLUS for the club and says, “I was fortunate to have him as my Vice President.  In 2008, Bill became President of OBG.

Ted developed the idea of themes for the semi-annual parties, for example, Mardi Gras, Western, Italian, etc.  Ted also started the idea of door prizes.  Under Ted’s leadership the practice of electing Honorary or Lifetime Members of OBG Men’s Billiard Club was established.  Ted started the practice of announcing the birthday of OBG players each play period.  Ted initiated the practice of holding a 50/50 for OBG to support prizes and food for our parties which  include kegs of beer and wine.