About Us

The OBG Men’s Billiard Club is a group of residents of The Villages in Florida who enjoy the sport of billiards.  We have a league that plays every Wednesday at the Silverlake recreation center.  We split the year into four sessions of 12 weeks.  The number of teams in a session varies as some of the members return to the north during the warmer months.

Teams consist of four players.  In a match each team splits into two groups of partners that play against two groups of partners from another team.  They play two games of 8-ball and two games of 9-ball against each group of partners of the opposing team; that makes each match a total of sixteen games.

Players of all skill abilities play in the league.  In between each session a player draft is held to select new teams.  Usually, all of the teams end up closely bunched at the end of the session.  Friendship and fair play are the order of the day at the OBG Men’s Billiard League.  So if you are a Villages resident, come on down and join the friendliest league in Florida’s friendliest home town.  Our ages are from 45 to 92 and growing.