Tournament Rules




Purpose: to determine the OBG champions for 2014.

Date to be held:  Wednesday, December 3, 2014, 10:00 AM.  Coffee and donuts will be served at 9:00 AM.  We would like to have everyone there by 9:30 to take a group picture.

Qualifiers: top four teams from each session (winter 2013 and fall 2014) will be invited.   In the event of a tie, a playoff will be held on the week of the draft following the session to determine the top two teams.  Should a member qualify on more than one team that member will play on the team on which he qualified first.   The member will be replaced on the team or teams on which he subsequently qualified by the member of the same skill level on the team that placed the highest without qualifying in that session. It will have to be an A for an A, or a B for a B.   If any team member is not available to play, then a person will be selected in the same manner as above. There will be 32 players playing.

Each team will play each of the other 7 teams.   There will be 28 games played by each team.  Play proceeds with two team members at one table and two team members at the other table.   The games will be played as one game of 8-ball and one game of 9-ball on each table.   There will be a total of 28 points available to each team.  At the conclusion of play in the event of a tie there will be a playoff.   The team that wins will be designated OBG champions for the year 2014.

Two tables are assigned to each match. Two players from each team will play on each table just as in normal weekly play.   There will be a coin toss with one team captain calling the toss; the winner of the toss may either:

1.) assign his players to each of the tables, or

2.) defer to the other captain to make that determination. 

Following the selection of which players shall play on each of the tables by one of the captains, the opposing captain will determine which players will be the opponents.  

Each pair will then toss a coin for their match with a player from one of the pairs calling the toss.  The winner can choose to break either 8-ball or defer and break 9-ball.  The loser of the toss will break the game that the winner did not choose.  Eight ball is played first.

The OBG has purchased a plaque to hang on the wall, with 12 available plates to have engraved with the winners name for the next 12 years.   Each plate will have the team name, team captain and the entire team member’s names on it.

The winning team members each will be presented with a trophy (at a later date so that the player’s names will be on the trophy.